Donating Old IT Equipment to Help Others

With computer donation on the rise, SocialBox.Biz is turning old tech into opportunities

Old tech donations have made their way into headlines, and one local community interest company, SocialBox.Biz, is reminding people that they can still be part of the Laptops for Homeless Initiative. 

While SocialBox.Biz offers only a business to business collection service and does not arrange on-site pickups for individuals wishing to donate to their program, they do offer collection sites in conjunction with their partners. This is available to for individuals and even smaller businesses with only a few items who would for their no longer needed yet still useful items.  

The Laptops for Homeless Initiative has been donating for many years used upgraded laptops to local charities who work with helping the homeless, refugees and older people who can not afford computers. These re-homed laptops upgraded with open source software include everything homeless people moving into accommodation services need to connect with educational and career opportunities. 

Many case studies how these laptops are helping people in need are available from SocialBox.Biz website. In addition, laptops can provide a meaningful way for the homeless to keep in contact with family members. Anyone who would like to donate a laptop is asked to delete their data and copy backup files before dropping off at a collection point with additional instructions provided at the link below. 

SocialBox.Biz says that any member of the general public who needs access to a computer can contact one of their charity partners to learn more, as these partners have steps in place to assist those needing laptops, accommodation services, and other support. 

Domaincolony based in Margate offers a professional collection and cleaning service and handles to onward transmission to local good causes