E Commerce is on the rise all around the world, with pay per click, affiliate marketing and paid blogging on the rise thousands of entrepreneurial money ventures have opened up to those that have the abilities to make money online. With the growth of mmorpgs such as World Of Warcraft, Eve Online and Guild Wars on the rise many gamers have found themselves accumulating a vast amount of digital wealth, many gamers could quite easily earn a reasonable income from there digital assets however due to license agreements that the games have this opportunity is denied.

Whilst the specific wording may change from game to game the general technicality seems to be that the game developer themselves hold possession of the digital products be they items or currency and thus the player is not aloud to sell them.

This can be seen as nothing more than a attempt to restrict gamers ability to make money from there hobby as it raises the question “who really owns this” you can purchase a game, pay for a subscription, build YOUR own character, yet somehow none of it belongs to you? So what are gamers paying for exactly? The most expensive and elaborate form of rent ever?

Many companies argue that to allow players to sell their digital wealth would be unfair to all playing the game, this is a statement that i tend not to agree with. And i think to anyone its fairly simple why, when someone is paying $20 of actual currency for $100 worth of in game currency who is the one losing out? The person who plays the game and didn’t pay ANYTHING for it? Or the person who just forked out the cash?

Game companies need to recognize that the supply and demand for digital items often far superceeds their actual in game wealth and people are prepared to pay cash for it willingly and do not consider it a crime. If the game developers understood this they could generate a system that allowed gamers to donate their in game currency or digital items in exchange for cash, that way moderating the services.

One thing is clear, as more and more people come online the demand for players to be able to sell their products and currency becomes stronger and stronger and the developers need to take action either in the form of them handling the sales or giving the power to the people by changing the license agreements.

E Commerce is on the rise but gamers are losing out, digital distribution has become a mainstream method for content distribution for movies, mps, books , games & more, so it only seems logical that the sale and distribution of in game products should be allowed.

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