Let us correct some erroneous history. Our Northern European ancestors were not barbarians. As a matter of fact they were highly civilized, traded with the world and gave writing to the Greeks.

In 1600 BC a very brisk trade existed between the Frisians (Northern Europeans) and the Phoenicians, whom they called “Kadhhmar” or “Coast Dwellers.”

From there to Greece. Even the Greeks say that their writing was not their own invention. It was introduced to them by Kadmus, the Phoenician. Who received it from the Frisians.

Many of today’s religious scholars believe that our Northern European ancestors were barbaric and had no written language of their own. Wrong!

They say that the Greek alphabet is connected with the Hebrew alphabet. Not so!. The form of the Greek letters differs greatly from the Hebrew Writing.

Where did the Greek alphabet come from? From the Frisian people. The Aryan Frisian people were great colonizers with great fleets. They colonized India, interacted with the Greeks and the other Mediterranean peoples and with the British Isles.

The Fris uses war prisoners to work the tin mines in Southern Britain. They brought with them on their colonization exclusions a Teutonic legal and moral code called, the TEX.

Atlantis which sunk under the waves about 2300BC was the home of the Frisians. They were called Hyperborians by the Ancient Greeks. This meant “people of the north Wind, the Nordics who traded with them for iron and amber.

There were many islands off the Frisian coast that went under the waves. They had powerful fleets and advanced technology.

If you look off the modern coast of Netherlands you can see the remaining Frisian islands with a missing section of the mainland.

So, the writing of the Greeks came from our Northern European peoples, not the desert dwellers.

The Macedonians as well as Alexander the Great are descendants of the Frisian people.

We live in an age when the powers to be are teaching our children a genocidal eduction which would kill our culture, our pride and our memory.

But like the Frisians peoples of old our Northern European peoples were known for their advanced cities, great trading centers and advanced culture.

Ourancsto5s lived in the Atlantis of the North, Plato knew this and wrote about it.

Source by Ellis Peterson