How does one climb a mountain? The standard response to that question is, “Only one step at a time!” The way to complete any large task has essentially the same answer, “One step at a time.” Taken all-at-once it can be overwhelming. When you organize it into steps, stages, logical pieces, then you can see how to accomplish it, step-by-step. The steps can be smaller. They can each be easy enough and “do-able”. And when you get them all done, why, you find that you have accomplished your whole large task. That’s just precisely how it really is with the best way to be an expert in the 7 European Industrial Bioenergy Initiative value chains. Here is a way to tackle the formidable task of becoming an expert in the 7 European Industrial Bioenergy Initiative value chains, in 7 simple steps.

Step 1. Learn about the first in the list which is; Synthetic liquid fuels/hydrocarbons (gasification). This means you’ll want to study how synthetic liquid fuels and hydrocarbons can be created using renewable bioenergy. Should you neglect this or do not do it, you should expect that you will have missed an important aspect of the European Industrial Bioenergy Initiative.

Step 2. Find out about the second value chain which is; Biomethane & other synthetic gaseous fuels (gasification). This step is important because significant amounts of bioenergy are expected to be created through this value chain route.

Step 3. Learn more about the third on their list which is; High efficiency heat & power generation (IGCC). This means that the European Industrial Bioenergy Initiative will encompass the sustainable use of IGCC which when given its full name is “Integrated Gasification Combined Cycle” technology. It will likewise signify that no stone will be left unturned during your education in the brand new science growing up around “bioenergy”.

Step 4. Next you will need to be taught the meaning of “Intermediate bioenergy carriers (pyrolysis & torrefaction)”. This may require some in-depth research to elucidate the meaning of these terms.

Step 5. You will seek out the info on; Ethanol and higher alcohols (chemical and biological processes). An important factor you will want to remember here is going to be the way that ethanol and the higher alcohols will be used in chemical and biological processes to produce bioenergy derived synthetic chemicals, instead of the present fossil fuel based sources. The reason that this is important is for us to have a viable bioenergy based economy, after the mineral oil resource has been expended, these sources will become primary sources for manufacturing. These sources will have to replace what is now mineral oil sourced.

Step 6. You will need to understand the theory of; Renewable hydrocarbons namely their chemical or biological synthesis.

Step 7. And, finally you must become be a bit of a boffin in the subject of; Bioenergy carriers from micro-organisms (algae, bacteria).

Great! Now you’re almost there! Always remember, that these subjects are each brand new subject areas which one day will be much sought after. Indeed, whole university departments will be built around them, and many thousands of people will work applying these new technologies.

Learn them now and you will have a highly valuable education for tomorrow in the post carbonaceous fuel age. Very few people have the vision to realise this, but make no mistake: Oil will run out!

For those who stick to the steps outlined above, over time the enormous mountain peak of a challenge you faced when you looked up in disbelief and awe at the summit, has been tamed and handled. You will succeed in completing your studies and will enjoy the fruits of victory and accomplishment! Congratulations on your triumph! You will have undertaken a tremendous challenge, overcome it and won, taking just one step at a time!

Source by Steve Last