The Cannes Retina Festival, i.e. the 24th Annual ASRS Meeting and the 6th Annual EVRS Meeting was held at the French Riviera from September 9-13, 2006. Famous for its international film festival, the Palais des Festivals has also played host for the Cannes Retina Festival and also the name of the award was symbolically chosen according to the much famous Golden award of the Cannes Film Festival.

The Meeting was dedicated to the latest in vitreoretinal developments, trials, research, and clinical updates, as well as for cutting edge technology. Both EVRS and ASRS -European and American Society of Retinal Surgery organized together the biggest and spectacular congress, with 1600 participants with different presentations, with emphasis on the video competition and the selection of the best video presentation of the surgical procedures and the best scientific movie. The winner of this year’s statuette of the Golden Palm, among 77 scientific movies from all over the world, was Dr Zoran Tomic from the Special Eye Hospital SVETI VID from Belgrade and from the University Clinic in Uppsala , Sweden .

The awarded movie consists of two different parts; one is animated, while the other one is presentation of the latest surgical techniques, brilliantly connected with its basic message – prevention and early and adequately surgical solving of very serious eye conditions such as retinal detachment, diabetic changes on eye itself and varies trauma and eye injuries as well.

Animated part of the movie is symbolic and metaphoric presentation of the surgical technique from the so called surgical “stone age”, until now-days with the view to the future “cyber age”, where the modern and updated technology prevent the appearance of the neglected, terminal conditions of the eye. The awarded scientific presentation is the crown to the efforts that the expert team of the Special Eye Hospital “SVETI VID” has invested in the modernization of ophthalmology. Besides solving very serious eye conditions, SVETI VID has always pointed out the necessity of overdue and wider medical acting.

Filmed material of the surgical procedures comes from the rich archive of the Special Eye Hospital SVETI VID from Belgrade and from the University Clinic in Uppsala, Sweden. This is the great award to already renowned vitreoretinal surgeon dr Zoran Tomic and to the Special Eye Hospital SVETI VID from Belgrade and to the University Clinic in Uppsala, Sweden, who proved that the synergy of efforts can make fabulous achievements, which leads to the club of the leading ophthalmology institution of the world.

If you would like to find out more about Special Eye Hospital – devoted to treatment of macular problems in patients with age related macular degeneration, mostly, or myopic form, with the new up-to-date approach – PDT (photodynamic therapy) and intravitreal application of antiangiogenetic factors, in order to conserve the disease.

Source by Slavica Gavric