A carrier neutral internet exchange is critical if a region is to be a serious player in the global IT infrastructure.

Stellium Data Centers, The Data Meridian, Newcastle will launch NCL-IX, the UK’s newest carrier-neutral Internet exchange point on February 11th, 2021, connecting Newcastle to data from sub-sea & international networks and UK national and regional networks for content, ISPs and cloud.

The importance of the IXP in the national and the norths digital economy.
How regional IXPs enable regional and national ISPs to drive value in their business.

Speaking on the launch of NCL-IX, Gerry Murray, Chief Communications Officer at Stellium Data Centres said “being the first Internet exchange of its kind in the Newcastle region, we anticipate strong demand from content networks, Internet service providers, regional ISPs and enterprise customers. Our research shows that there is tremendous need for a neutral Internet exchange that provides a reliable, quality interconnection and peering point.”

Throughout the UK there is an increasing need for reliable interconnection platforms as a result of the growing business and consumer demand for smart cities tools, cloud services enabling remote working, clear VOIP and recreational services such as video on demand, quad play, gaming and apps.

NCL-IX will provide peering exchange services for the North of UK region and ultimately to an even larger community of networks and data centres beyond.

An improved interconnection ecosystem means a better Internet. NCL-IX will give Internet Service Providers the ability to offer their customers the best possible end-user experience.

NCL-IX will attract a vast community of connectivity providers. Founding members include both Zayo Networks, Aspire TS and IX Reach (a BSO company). As well as meeting enterprise connectivity needs, our member networks provide fixed and mobile operators with IP transit and Ethernet transport services and are among the biggest providers of dark fibre and wavelengths in the UK.